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Homeowners: #1 Weird Secret to keep a buyer lead "hot"

As a seller, your new best friends should be every potential buyer out there.

Your agent will tell you to do all you can to have your home "show ready" when the time to list comes.

But then what? The buyers come, they look, they are interested...but they want some more info.

Want a Secret tip to keeping a buyer lead “hot”?

✅Have all your documents and information ready to go from the day you list your property.

This includes Bills such as: • SaskEnergy and SaskPowerWater/Sewer • Current costs of Alarm System • If you live on an Acreage, internet costs

Some buyers won’t care, but there are a lot out there that like to do their due diligence... and if they can get that information right away, they won’t get distracted by other homes that have that information for them already.

Remember, your home needs to stand out among the rest... making the process as smooth as possible for a buyers is one way to do that.

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