Here is the Magic Number of Homes to view when House Hunting.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

How MANY homes should we look at?

How do we know we’ve found THE one?

I get these questions ALL the time!

The answer? I don’t have the answer. There is no magic number. There is no perfect checklist.

But YOU will have your answer.

It might be the first home you look at... it might be the 10th.

I've had clients fall in love with the first home and think “are we crazy??! Do we do this?” They might hold back because “what if” there is something better... or because their parents say “you need to look at more”

No one knows those answers but you. ✅Do your due diligence. ✅Weigh your pros and cons. ✅Does it make financial sense?

Sometimes I want to say “YES this is the one!”, because I can usually tell... ▫️You will start to let go of unnecessary things on your list ▫️you will start falling in love with all its flaws ▫️it will be within your budget ▫️And it will be in your smile

So when you make that decision, I’m here to cheer you on!

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