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A REALTORS® Struggle with Homeownership - If I Can Do It, So Can You!

REALTOR® First – Home owner second.

My journey to my first home was a little different than most. I was a REALTOR® and didn’t own a home.

Odd. But I MADE choices. 19 and quit university. Moved in with my parents (thank-you Mom and Dad). Worked two other jobs while starting as an agent. Glamorous, no. Real, yes.

I remember going to a Real Estate Conference within my first two years of my business and over hearing two follow Realtors® proclaiming you cannot be a REALTOR® without owning/buying a home. I WAS SICK. Here I was, saving $100 pre pay check toward my down payment (which in Real Estate you might not get for months, especially at the beginning of your journey).

But that conversation gave me gumption.

I was finally at the spot that I felt secure with my career and down payment. With a little nudge from people around me to start my look into my preapproval. I remember waiting for my banker to call me back to let me know if I was pre-approved and feeling soooo scared and uncertain.

That phone call came and went. It was a hard NO. Yes, this Realtor® couldn’t even buy her first home.

I felt embarrassed and shocked... what the heck have I been working for?!

After my pity party, my parents suggested I try somewhere else. Needless to say because I was a business owner, different banks had different programs at that time.

Although I felt doubtful, I got my PREAPPROVAL!

I ended up reaching out to a builder that building new properties for an entry level price I was comfortable with. EVEN Realtors® second guess their decisions and I wondered if I made the right decision.

My hand was shaking taking my deposit cheque what was 20% plus 5% GST of the purchase to the builder.

But it was mine.

Possession day came along. Now I was on the other side.

I remember not wanting to hang up another picture on the wall to prevent “wrecking” the walls. I remember my TV being on a Tupperware box for a full year because that is what I could afford. I remember being scared I wouldn’t make my first mortgage payment.

But what I remember most, is the feeling "I did this".

So this REALTOR® / human remembers and I want to be there for you when you get handed those keys to your first home and experience the joy and pride that comes from homeownership.

That is why I created a free guide just for first time homebuyers. Get started here.

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